I’m Allison Soeung, and my mission in life is simple: I help people get fired up to make lasting positive changes in their life using the magical ancient wisdom of Astrology. Humanity has been looking to the sky for centuries for the wisdom it can provide. When we are born, the energy of the cosmos imprints upon our soul. The birth chart provides context and clues as to how our life force manifests in the world. Just like we can gain insight from our chart in areas of our life from romantic desires to career needs, we can also gain invaluable information on the landscape of our desires and motivation.


Since I was a child, I have always known that my mission in life was to motivate people to improve their own lives. With a background in teaching group fitness classes since 2005, I am no stranger to working with motivation, and my own journey with it hasn’t always been easy! In the birth chart, the planet Mars rules action and motivation – and after discovering that my Mars was in the sign of Aries, I made a life-changing discovery about my own motivation. I’ve struggled for much of my life to see goals through until the end. I find I am SO EXCITED to get started on a new goal or project, only to see my energy and drive fizzle out quickly once I face the first obstacle. I always found myself wondering why I lose steam so quickly and I now realize it’s just who I am! That doesn’t mean I am destined to never finish a project, though. Now that I am aware that this is my nature, I have worked hard to develop strategies to keep my motivation strong after the thrill of something new wears off….. and this is what I want to do for you!


Together, we will dive into how your unique motivation map manifests in the world. You’ll learn WHAT motivates you, what ZAPS your motivation, and you’ll get valuable tools and techniques to keep you on-track even when your drive might be challenged.

My own personal journey

Having a Pisces Sun, I’ve always been fascinated with the mystical world. I’ve always known there was something more to life than what we could see and explain, though I didn’t know exactly what. In my early 20’s, I found myself chasing a fancy job title and money by climbing the corporate ladder, meanwhile escaping from this unhappiness by excessive partying and extreme exercise. In the summer of 2015, my youngest brother, one of my favorite people in the world, died unexpectedly. As I literally watched him die right in front of my eyes, I actually saw his soul as a brilliant white light leave his body when he passed. It was then that I was sure that there was something deeper and much more profound to this life and our soul and that this life is not to be wasted.


The trauma of losing my brother lead me on a deep spiritual quest to figure out what I was meant to be doing with this lifetime – because I KNEW in my heart that I wasn’t supposed to be stuck in the rat race of corporate America. It was during this dark-night-of-the-soul time that I found Astrology, or rather, Astrology found me. Never had anything resonated so deeply with my soul and when I started to combine this ancient art form with my true passion for motivating people, the magic really started to happen. I knew I had found my calling.

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