Use the ancient & magical wisdom of Astrology to kickstart your motivation!

Have you been wanting to make positive changes in your life, but haven’t felt motivated? Has your motivation been strong at the beginning only to fizzle out shortly thereafter? Do you just feel STUCK right now? I know the feeling all too well! 

Our Astrology chart is the unique blueprint of our soul. Using Astrology, you can gain a much deeper understanding of how your own motivation works. Know what motivates you, how your motivation manifests in the world and some of the potential pitfalls of how and when your own ambition can become challenging. The more self-aware you are about how motivation manifests in your Astrology chart, the more empowered you will be to make changes in a way that works for your unique soul blueprint. 


This course is for you if:

  • You’re starting an exercise regime
  • You’re starting a health and wellness routine
  • You have an important project or big deadline coming up
  • You know you’d like to create positive changes in your life but don’t know how to start
  • Or you’re just feeling like you are “stuck in a rut” and want to get out of it!


This is a powerful 7-day “kick in the pants” using Astrology as our guiding light. In addition to Astrology, we will also call in the power of visualization, meditation, mantras, and gratitude to truly get you revved up to commit to yourself and your goals. You’ll also get access to a Private Facebook group where you can ask questions and discuss your roadblocks and inspirations! 

Here is how you will get fired up!


Day 1-Welcome & Visualization: Guided meditation to visualize your ideal self.

Day 2-Astrology & Motivation Part 1: WHAT motivates you and how your motivation MANIFESTS in the world.

Day 3-Astrology & Motivation Part 2: What are the potential motivation zappers and how can you keep the momentum going based on your chart?

Day 4-The Power of Mantras: How to work with them and specific Mantras for each Zodiac sign.

Day 5-The Importance of Self-Care: Take time out to recharge in a way that feels good to you based on your Astrology chart.

Day 6-Calling in More with Gratitude: Embracing gratitude for all that we currently have while still calling in our ideal future. 

Day 7-Motivation Roadmap: Final wrap-up and journaling prompts to map out your goals.

Ready to amp up your life??

Cosmic Kickstart FAQ

Do I need to be an Astrology expert to understand this course?


Absolutely not! We will be working with Mars and the Sun in our birth charts, which are easy to find – and I will show you how. You will need to have your date and place of birth. Ideally, you want your exact time of birth, but if that’s not available, see the next question:

Do I need to have my full birth chart (Must I know my exact time and place of birth)?


While it is ideal to have your full birth chart, it is not required. 99% of people can find their
Mars sign based on estimating a birth time of 12:00 noon on given date. I will show you how in the course!

How does the course work?


For 7 days, you will receive an e-mail to your inbox giving you access to the specific content for that day.

Do I have to do the entire course in just 7 days?


No, if you need to take a break in the middle, that is fine. It works best when committing to 7 days, but life happens sometimes!

What is included in the course?


All content is centered around understanding your unique motivation style based on your astrology chart and will give you tools to kick-start your motivation via the following methods:


  • Video Lectures
  • Mantras specific to each Zodiac sign
  • Self-care rituals
  • Meditations
  • Journaling Prompts

Can I do more than one lesson in a day?


No, new daily content will only be released after a 24-hour period. Since motivation is something that can take a little bit of time to establish consistently, it is best to pace it out over the 7-days indicated to allow time for each daily lesson to sink-in.

Is there a support group?


Yes! All who purchase the course will be given an invite to a private Facebook group where you can discuss your inspirations and challenges. I will also be actively answering questions and giving guidance within the Facebook group.