Mars in virgo: the detailed warrior

Mars in virgo: the detailed warrior

The Red Planet will enter the meticulous and structured sign of Virgo officially on August 18th where it will travel the degrees of this sign until October 3rd. Even though each one of us may have Mars in a different sign in our birth chart, we all still feel the collective energy of Mars in Virgo to some degree.  

Mars, the bold planet of action, is ruled by the Fire sign Aries, and his energy can sometimes be erratic. The vibration of Virgo, an Earth sign, adds a much-needed grounding quality to help reign-in the impulsiveness of Mars. Virgo is a Fixed sign, meaning that it embodies Newton’s 1st Law of Motion: “An object in motion tends to stay in motion”. Fixed signs have the willpower needed to steadily focus on a goal and keep going despite the odds.  With Mars in Virgo, we are invited to embrace the Archetype of Mars: the Warrior ready to passionately charge forward toward what they want. The Virgo Warrior, however, does not just blindly push ahead without a defined plan of attack. The Virgo Warrior plots each and every move: tactical and methodical to-a-T. Plans may be drawn up only to be reviewed and rewritten in the relentless pursuit of perfection. Situations in your life may be brought up for review under a much more discriminating eye. You may find yourself focusing (or even obsessing!) on the details.  

The energy of Mars in Virgo can be a very productive time, especially related to tasks or projects that may have a lot of moving parts and pieces. Virgo has an eye for seeing how the little gears intertwine to make the whole clock turn. It will be important to not let unrealistic expectations of perfection become a roadblock. Striving for your best-effort in everything while being aware of the tendency to be too critical on yourself or your work will be the key to harnessing Mars in Virgo!  

Below are some key aspects that Mars will make to other planets during his journey through Virgo. The dates listed are when the aspects are exact, but you may feel them a couple of days before and a couple of days after! Too difficult to remember all these dates? Sign up for my Motivation Monday weekly newsletter and you’ll be reminded of these dates as we get into each specific week. (Signup form at the bottom of the page!)  

August 24th, 2019: Venus Conjunct Mars

Representing both the divine masculine (Mars) and the divine feminine (Venus), when these two planets meet up in the sky, it will ignite your creative passion. You may feel inspired to start a new creative project or two around this date!  

August 28th, 2019: Mars Trine Uranus

When the planet of action and drive (Mars) makes a harmonious aspect with “the great liberator” (Uranus), prepare to feel positive momentum especially surrounding any areas of your life where you feel “stuck in a rut”. Uranus wants us to break free of any metaphorical shackles that hold us back, and Mars will give you that extra boost of energy to actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. It’s a wonderful day for getting new projects off the ground.  

September 2nd, 2019: Sun Conjunct Mars

When the Sun meets up with Mars, energy can be quite high. Our life force that burns bright in the sky amplifies the already-intense nature of Mars. If this dynamic is channeled positively, it can lead to personal breakthroughs. The shadow side of this energy can be aggression, explosive anger, and high anxiety. This would be a great day for moderate-to-high intensity exercise to move through some of the excess energy!  

September 3rd, 2019: Mercury Conjunct Mars

A day later, Mercury joins up with the Sun and Mars. This brings a quickness to our words and thoughts. While a great day for decision-making, it can also bring a “sharp tongue” to our conversations with others (we will still be feeling the affects of yesterday’s Sun-conjunct-Mars!). Take a little extra time today to think-before-you-speak.  

September 8th, 2019 Mars Trine Saturn

When Mars makes a harmonious aspect to the planet of duty and responsibility, it puts the spotlight on our accomplishments. On this day, you’ll feel especially motivated to tackle anything in your life that will lead to greater public recognition and/or success. With both Mars and Saturn being in Earth signs (Virgo and Capricorn), this will be all about putting your two feet on the ground and taking things “one step at a time”.  

September 11th, 2019 Mars Sextile the North Node

When Mars interacts harmoniously with the North Node of future destiny, it provides momentum to step out of your comfort zone. The North Node is about the energy we need to bring into this lifetime and it can be quite uncomfortable to step outside of our place of familiarity (South Node). When Mars comes to play with the North Node, it can give us the courage to really start to break out of some of our old patterns. If there’s something that you’ve been afraid of releasing from your life that is not serving you, embrace the courage and boldness from Mars around this date to release your fears of change!

September 12th, 2019 Mars Square Jupiter

Enthusiasm and energy will be high – but watch out for “too much of a good thing”. Mars is already quite impulsive, and Jupiter tends to magnify the properties of whatever it comes in contact with. Your actions could be quite daring around this date – so it’s extra important to think-before-you-act. It’s NOT the day to go looking for arguments. Choose your battles carefully! 

September 14th, 2019 Mars Opposite Neptune

Mars and Neptune aren’t the best planets at harmonizing. Their energies can be quite conflicting. This will be the case when Mars makes a challenging aspect to Neptune around September 14th. Neptune can “make our goggles foggy” so-to-speak: it can be hard to see clearly and logically. With Mars in the mix, it can be difficult to know what action to take. “Analysis Paralysis” might get the better of you around this date. This is actually a good time to pull back on the action reigns a bit. If you attempt to force action during this time, you may meet resistance and end up spinning your wheels unnecessarily. 

September 19th Mars Trine Pluto

Mars makes it’s final aspect while transiting Virgo toward the end of September – making a beneficial aspect with the planet of power & transformation. Increased passion will abound near this date – especially passion surrounding activities of self-transformation and understanding the deeper meaning of life. You’ll feel more powerful to tackle any obstacles you once thought too difficult in your life! You may also feel very motivated to uncover the skeletons in your closet, or invest your time and energy in any of the esoteric arts (tarot, crystals, meditation, magic, etc…). 

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